Commissions & Logos


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Commission Information & Pricing:

  • Pricing for commissions will vary depending on desired size, detail, time taken to produce the product, and amount of edits.
  • Feel free to email me, via the contact tab above. Please state what you are thinking you want along with desired dimensions (5×7, 8×10, 11×17, etc.) and price range, from here I can figure out a design for you.
  • Prices for commissioned prints can be as low as $35.00.
  • Commissions will be heavily watermarked when receiving edits.

Logo Information & Pricing:

  • For logos, please visit the contact tab and email me with what you’re thinking. Please have an idea, colors, and fonts that you enjoy prepared prior to emailing, sketches are welcome!
  • Ownership of the logo will be yours resulting in a starting price of $200.00, prices go up with edits and time spent on producing this design.
  • Logos will be heavily watermarked when receiving edits.

Previous Commissions & Logos:

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